MAX Construction, Inc. is a full-service tenant finish general contractor with over 30 years of experience in the Denver market.  As part of any prospective project team, we offer services to add value to a project before it has been awarded, and continue adding value to our clients well after punch list completion. 

Regardless of the project size, we take pride in our commitment to providing uniform services for every client.  You can be guaranteed that every project we take on receives the same quality of workmanship and effort, because your project is as important to us, as it is to you.

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Bids & Budgets:  Projects are sent out to a select group of qualified subcontractors for bid, based on each project’s requirements.  The estimating team then reviews all provided bids to assemble a project team that will provide the highest possible quality, at a fair market value.

Construction Feasibility Review:  While in the bidding process each detail of a project is broken down, and mentally rebuilt by our seasoned estimating team.  Not only does this review mitigate the risk of added cost to our client in the form of change orders, but it also ensures that potential construction delays are greatly reduced. 

Permitting & Material Orders:  Project permitting and material orders are as valuable to a project’s success as the feasibility review.  By offering a dedicated department to facilitate the timely completion of these tasks we are able to reduce permitting concerns, and provide detailed material lead time reports to confirm accuracy of scheduled activity.  

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Supervision:  Our superintendents take responsibility of all field operations from demolition to punch list completion.  While managing the construction trades, and beating schedule milestones, our superintendents are consistently enforcing safety guidelines, providing quality control, and communicating field conditions to the project manager. 

Project Management:  As an extremely important managerial role for any construction project, our project managers are all trained through field experience with our firm.  By employing this managerial tactic, the project management team is knowledgeable of our field operating procedures, and is skillful in providing project assistance to superintendents to best serve our clients as a valuable player in scope changes, design resolution, and the relay of information.

Weekly Construction Meetings:  As a measure of facilitating effective communication throughout a project, MAX Construction, Inc. offers weekly construction meetings to our clients as a forum for relaying important project information.  Whether it be client driven changes, required changes to accommodate unforeseen site conditions, or a simple schedule update; we enjoy the opportunity to bring our project team together and share information regarding the advancements that are taking place each week.

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Post Construction

Punch List Completion:  Upon a project’s completion we offer the client an opportunity to walk their new space, and identify any areas that they would like touched-up.  After the walk has been completed our superintendent will schedule and complete all repairs for the space within 2 weeks of project completion.

Project Closeout:  Upon completion of our projects, we provide our client with an Operations & Maintenance Manual that fully encompasses information on all materials that were used on the project, operating manuals for new equipment, and as-built drawings documenting field driven changes to the planned work.